Previous Conferences & Workshops

  • 2017: New Directions in Library Instruction and Scholarly Communications
  • 2016:¬†Reframing Instruction: Looking at What We Do With a New Lens in San Francisco
  • 2015:¬†Teaching and Reaching Your Students in Environments of Rapid Change
  • 2014: Innovative and Alternative Instruction: From the Flipped Classroom to Peer Teaching
  • 2013: Information Literacy in the Real World
  • 2012: Embedded Librarians: Reaching People Where They Learn
  • 2011: No Librarian Is an Island: Exploring In-Person and Virtual Instruction, As We Work Towards Innovative, Collaborative, and Engaging Teaching Techniques
  • 2010: Count us in!: Strategic Innovation to Navigate Changing Learning Environments
  • 2009: Starting Out Strong – Motivating First-Year Students for Success
  • 2008: It’s the Millennium: Do You Know Where Your Users Are?
  • 2007: Library Instruction 2.0: Empowering the Learner
  • 2006: Challenges to Instruction in the Age of Federated Searching and Google
  • 2005: Finding the Teachable Moment: Integrate, Collaborate, Appreciate
  • 2004: Collaborating for a Cure: Moving Students Beyond the Online Quick Fix

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