About Us

The California Conference on Library Instruction (CCLI) is a grassroots committee comprised of academic instruction librarians in Northern California. CCLI’s sole mission is to provide an annual one-day conference on user education in academic libraries. The committee aims to support the professional development needs of instruction librarians by keeping the conference current, relevant and affordable. CCLI selects conference locations that provide convenient access for regional Northern California attendees. Participation in the committee is open and free.

Registration Cost

All proceeds from conference registration are used to cover the cost of organizing the event. There may be a modest price difference from year to year. The cost of registering for CCLI is expected to remain under $100.


CCLI was originally known as California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction (CCLI-North). Formed in 1973, CCLI-North provided a forum for California librarians interested in library instruction to share ideas and materials through a clearinghouse to avoid duplication of work.

CCLI was originally geographically divided–CCLI-South became SCIL–and had been part of CLA before they restructured their membership dues.

In 2010, CCLI changed its name to the California Conference on Library Instruction, to focus exclusively on the annual conference.


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