Welcome to the California Conference on Library Instruction (CCLI). CCLI facilitates the sharing of information about library instruction.

Join us for our 2015 Conference:

“Teaching and Reaching Your Students in Environments of Rapid Change!”

Registration is now open!  Join CCLI and Sonoma State University Library for the 2015 conference on April 17 from 9am-4pm at the Cooperage on the campus of Sonoma State University.  The day’s conference schedule is also now available.

The program, “Teaching and Reaching Your Students in Environments of Rapid Change,” will explore new and practical ways to craft innovative experiences for learners. Think about the buzz words of today: maker, hack, design, engage community, framework, scalable, ethical, sustainable, etc. These are some of the ways librarians are working with library instruction.

Our keynote speaker is Terry Doyle – Terry is an author, nationally recognized educational consultant and Professor of Reading at Ferris State University where he has worked for the past 38 years. His presentation will discuss how findings from the last fifteen years of neuroscience, cognitive science and biology research point clearly to a new paradigm for student learners. This new paradigm requires students to both prepare their brains for learning and learn to apply the findings on how the human brain learns best to their learning and studying practices. The specific actions students need to take to adopt this new paradigm will be shared in this talk.  We also have four great breakout sessions planned – check out who & what here.

We are very pleased to conduct our conference in the Sonoma State University Campus Cooperage. Make sure to visit the inspiring Sonoma State University Library at the Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center while on campus!

Conference space is limited and registration closes April 9th* so please register today!

*CCLI does not accept walk-in registrations the day of the conference - thank you for understanding!





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